General FAQs

How long does it take to get my EFTPOS terminal?

Can I get my terminal any quicker?

Are there establishment or joining fee’s to pay?

Can I accept tips?

Can I also accept AMEX and Diners cards?

Can I purchase an EFTPOS terminal outright?

Can I show my company logo on the terminal screen?

Can I surcharge my customers?

Can I use the terminal to split bills?

Can the terminal print my logo on my customer’s receipts?

Do I need to change banks?

How and when can I get hold of First Data Merchant support?

How can I apply?

How can I get a quote?

How long will it take to deposit my funds into my account?

If I get a fixed/countertop terminal, how does it connect?

If I get a mobile terminal, how does it connect?

Is the advertised EFTPOS pricing INC or EX GST?

Is there an early termination fee?

What supporting documents will I need to supply to apply for an EFTPOS terminal?

Which cards can I accept in my included monthly card turnover?

Which cards will I be able to accept?

Will I get any training on how to use the terminal?

Will my terminal be NBN ready?

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